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    What are the advantages of round bottle labeling machine?

    ​      What are the advantages of round bottle labeling machine?

    Yipin Automatic Technology Co., Ltd. produces round bottle labeling machineSo farFor more than 10 years, with the continuous development of labeling machine technology, it has become a benchmark enterprise in the industry.nowadaysRound bottle labeling machineApplications are becoming more and more widespread, occupying a place in various industries, and more and more companies are beginning to pay attentionUse function and advantages of round bottle labeling machine,The company's growth focuses on serving domestic mid- and high-end customers. And according to production needs, product specifications can be customized and upgraded to service. The concept of solving the customer's standard machine.

    Round bottle labeling machineApproximate process:

    1. The material of the turntable is extracted by the manipulator to the suction cup and the material conveyor belt.

    2. The material is automatically transferred to the induction labeler through a belt conveyor (gear conveyor)

    3、PLCThe control and transmission of the system to the labeling sensor will intercept the product and implement the sensor engine labeling and the sensor labeling sensor.

    4、Round bottle labelingIt has finished passing the conveyor belt again to the product conformity inspection office.

    Advantages of round bottle labeling machine

    1Automatic round bottle labeling machineusePLCThe system controls the entire production process.

                   2Reduce labor costsThis equipment adopts the whole automation mode, and only needs the operation of the display screen to produce.

                   3, Fast labeling speed can produce on average per minute30-50Finished product.

                   4, Labeling accuracy can reach ±1mm

                   5Labeling MachineIt can be equipped with optional functions, such as scanner, universal electric eye, inkjet printer and printer.

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