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    · corporate vision
    Design a first-class quality equipment for the industrialization process of transformation contribute to a force
    · core values
    Science and technology to create the first productive forces
    · Strategic objectives
    Into the top three domestic labeling industry, and strive to enter the top five engineering machinery industry
    · Entrepreneurship
    Integrity, innovation, win-win situation, Thanksgiving
    · Corporate purposes
    To meet the value of demand, the effectiveness of social progress
    · development strategy
    Make every effort to contribute to the improvement of social productive forces
    · Cadre motto
    Loyalty and credit, hard work, due diligence, set an example
    · Employee guidelines
    Loyalty credit, dedicated discipline, unity and cooperation, precision and efficiency
    · Advertising slogan
    A product company, a product design, a product quality, a service
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    Dongguan Epin Automation Technology Co.,Ltd.
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