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    3 large packaging needs of the growing industry

    From the global packaging machinery market demand, is growing, and people's daily consumption (especially food) is still in the ranks of the increase, which led to the development of the packaging market, as well as packaging production enterprises of packaging equipment needs.
    For now, many of the world's packaging equipment has entered a replacement period, investment in new equipment can increase productivity, flexibility, reliability, thereby reducing material waste.
    International Mold and Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association, said the Secretary-General Luo Baihui the next few years, packaging equipment sales in developing countries and regions will exceed the developed countries and regions (such as Japan, the United States and Western Europe) sales. The largest developing country - China, the demand for packaging equipment to 2012 will exceed 3.3 billion US dollars, thus more than the United States as the world's largest market.
    Packaging equipment demand continues to increase, growing space for development, manifested in the following areas:
    1. Labels, coding equipment, sealing equipment demand
    Tagging and coding equipment will result in the largest sales volume in all packaging equipment, thanks to the growing consumption of non-durable label products, protection of food safety calls and more industry-specific labeling practices.
    In addition, the market for parcel, strapping and accumulation of equipment demand is also rising at a high speed, in technological improvements, mechanical design and other aspects of the progress also contributed to the sale of such equipment. Filling and filling / sealing equipment is still the most widely used packaging equipment, packaging equipment market in 2012 will account for 1/4.
    2. Pharmaceutical packaging industry demand
    With the rapid increase in drug varieties, the market demand for packaging equipment has gone up.
    The United States, Japan and Western Europe and other developed countries will continue to occupy the global pharmaceutical packaging market demand for more than 70%. On the development potential, due to the rapid increase in drug manufacturing capacity and the Government to develop a number of pharmaceutical products designed to enhance the quality of policy measures, the Chinese pharmaceutical packaging market will maintain a strong momentum of development.
    3. Beverage, food packaging industry demand
    The beverage packaging machinery market is also expected to show solid growth as many developing countries are increasingly consuming their beverage packaging products and are making greater use of more efficient, high-end packaging equipment, particularly in industrialized countries. Most notably, the food processing sector will continue to be the largest market for packaging equipment and will account for 43 per cent of global packaging needs by 2012.
    It seems that the prospects for the packaging machinery industry is very broad, whether in the world or in China, are very potential.

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