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    How to choose your own labeling machine?

    The face of many varieties, specifications dazzling range of labeling machine market, many new and old customers do not know how to choose their own needs labeling equipment, and now our senior engineer under more than 10 years of labeling machine industry experience, summed up the purchase of labeling machine Certain principles:
    First, recognize their own industry characteristics. What are the special requirements for machinery and equipment? Such as the food industry, the food industry health requirements are particularly stringent, requiring equipment mainly 304 stainless steel and aluminum manufacturing, corrosion-resistant, non-rusting, in line with the GMP production needs; food production generally require matching online coding device, printed on the label production date And batch number and other information, to achieve labeling - coding integration. Or such as petrochemical and other flammable and explosive industries, its production safety is particularly concerned about the requirements of equipment to take anti-static, explosion and other security measures. Currently on the market there are many industry-specific labeling machine, should give priority to belong to the industry's special labeling machine. If the wine is still for the development of the industry's semi-automatic wine labeling machine and automatic wine labeling machine is developed specifically for the wine industry, labeling equipment, paste is the standard, paste the back label, while the back is double-labeled, covering the back mark, etc. .
    Second, recognize their own production needs. Including the number of product specifications, product yield and production efficiency, label requirements, site requirements or whether the production line requirements, and so on. Labeling machine market, there are multi-function labeling machine, a dedicated function of the simple labeling machine, a high-performance high-speed high-precision labeling machine, and so on a variety of price gradient products. Some customers tend to fall into the misunderstanding, requiring strong equipment, large, full. Optional label machine is not the more powerful function, the higher the better performance, the price of the device is often higher. Blindly request some of its own production and application of functional configuration instead of unnecessary waste. In considering their own product space to upgrade the case, the correct choice of the number of product labeling specifications, the speed of the product.
    Third, for the initial use of the labeling machine customers, due to the performance of the labeling machine and relatively unfamiliar, as far as possible the need for labeling samples and samples sent to the labeling machine manufacturers to assess and test to reduce the feasibility of purchase Sexual risk.
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