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    Real-time printing labeling machine workflow and advantages?

    Real-time printing and labeling machine,Also called instantPrint labelingmachine,Online printingLabeling Machine,hey are all the same type of product, and the modified equipment is the same as other ordinary products.labeling machineSimilarly, it is widely used in electronics, packaging, logistics, supermarkets and other industries.

    work process

    Core working principle:The sensor detects the passing of the product, and sends a signal back to the labeling control system, and the control system controls the motor to send the label at the appropriate position andAttached to the product to be labeled, the product flows through the labeling roller, the label is rolled, and the labeling action of one label is completed

    Operation process:Product automatic feeding—>Product labeling—>Product scanning—>Transfer data to computer—>Discrimination of computer return signal—>Automatic rejection—>Automatically generate data file storage traceability—>Automatic stacking and pushing.


    Powerful:This equipment can realize the integration of automatic feeding, automatic positioning, real-time printing and labeling, review scanning, automatic rejection and automatic stacking.

    Simple matching:Can be directly installed on the assembly line and packaging machine, independent control or linkage control, to achieve unmanned automatic label production.

    High labeling accuracy:Adopt standard tape circling correction mechanism to prevent label deviation, subdivide stepping motor to drive the label, the label front and back position is accurate, labeling is smoothNo bubbles and wrinkles, improve packaging quality.

    Touch screen operation:The man-machine interaction interface has operation teaching function, the parameter modification is intuitive and clear, and the switching of various functions is simple.

    intelligent control:Automatic photoelectric tracking, with no object and no label, no label automatic correction and automatic label detection function to prevent missing label and label waste.

    High stability:Use PanasonicPLC + Panasonic touch screen + Panasonic needle-shaped electric eye + German Leuze label electric eye advanced electric control system, supporting equipment 7×24 hours continuous operation. Attached to the product to be labeled, the product flows through the labeling roller, the label is rolled, and the labeling action of one label is completed           

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