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    Common equipment problems of round labeling machine?

    Circular labeling machineCommonEquipment issues

    1, the bottom paper is broken

    The quality of the bottom paper breaks and the quality of the bottom paper of the label These three factors are closely related.

    First, check whether the backing paper is cut, such as cutting backing paper , You need to replace the high-quality base paper. Jian recommends the use of glassine bottom paper, and requires label suppliers to control the depth of die cutting, not to damage the bottom paper.

    2, labeling deviation more than 2mm

    Label deviation and label deviation, label direction is not parallel to product conveying direction, traction wheel slips, product positioning detection is inaccurate, label does not follow label over roller Pasted to the product, there are several factors related to the product error. Check the above factors and then solve them in a targeted manner.

    Take the tape away, relax the traction mechanism, pull the label back and forth, let it Go straight. After the label is aligned, clamp the limit rings on both sides to guide the label.

    The direction of the labeling tape is not parallel to the product conveying direction, by adjusting the labeling head’s The inclination can be parallel.

    The traction wheel is slipping, the traction wheel is worn, and the traction wheel locking screw is loose. , For both reasons, the traction wheel locking screw can be tightened.

    Product error, during the production process, edge error will cause labeling deviation.

    3, continuous bidding< o:p>

    Continuous labeling and labeling are not completely related to the sensitivity of electro-eye detection , Just adjust the sensitivity, please refer to the previous chapter of electric eye adjustment for the adjustment method. If the adjustment of the electric eye still cannot be solved, the label may be beyond the applicable range of the selected electric eye, or the electric eye is damaged, and you need to consult the manufacturer.

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