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    Full automatic vertical labeling machine round bottle rubbing
    Apply to the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and other industries round bottle labeling, labeling can be affixed to the whole week and semi-circular labeling. The machine can be directly connected to the front-end production line, automatically send bottles into the labeling machine, increase the efficiency; Optional configuration ribbon coding machine can print online production date and batch number, reduce the bottle packaging process , Improve production efficiency.
    Technical Parameters:
    ☆ Labeling accuracy: ± 1mm (excluding product, label error);
    Labeling speed (pcs / min): 80 ~ 120pcs / min
    ☆ Applicable product diameter (for round bottle) and height: Diameter: φ25mm ~ φ100mm Height: 25mm ~ 300mm
    ☆ Applicable label size Length: 20mm ~ 290mm Width (bottom paper width): 20mm ~ 130mm, the label can be normal stripping;
    ☆ Machine size: about 1850 × 1200 × 1530mm (length × width × height);
    ☆ Power supply: 220V 50 / 60HZ;
    ☆ machine weight: about 200Kg;

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